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Posted by Metro Screenworks on Apr 13th 2021

AllergyGuard™: A Possible Solution to Seasonal Allergies

AllergyGuard™: A Possible Solution to Seasonal Allergies

Metro Screenworks is excited to announce the inclusion of AllergyGuard™ in their spring line-up of products. This screening material is revolutionary in that it provides filtering capabilities, reduces pollen, pollution, fly ash and even filters some bacteria and viruses. Homeowners and business owners alike will be able to improve indoor air quality while helping to keep allergies at bay with this innovative traditional screen mesh alternative.

AllergyGuard™ is a high-performance, nano-fiber, three-layer screen mesh that was engineered and tested to filter out ultra-fine dust PM 2.5 and fine dust PM 10. It can filter out particles that are only 300 nanometers, compared to traditional window screen mesh that can only keep out large particles measuring 2,000,000 nanometers. Contrary to what many customers could perceive, AllergyGuard™ has a high porosity — 80-85% — which means that those that install AllergyGuard™ in their homes or businesses can still enjoy excellent airflow but without the allergens that typically make their way indoors when windows and doors are opened.

Additionally, AllergyGuard™ also offers other benefits besides its filtering capabilities and high porosity. This air-filtering screen provides UV protection, blocking 90% of UV light and 50% infrared light. With this benefit, those that install this product can also protect their interiors from the damaging effects of the sun that can result in cracking, discoloration, and fading of furniture, woodwork, art, and other decoration and architecture. Also, AllergyGuard™ blocks 95% of rain and moisture, allowing those with a propensity to leave their windows open to possibly avoid water damage .

Metro Screenworks offers this revolutionary product in window screens, porch panels, adjustable screens, and sliding screen doors. With these options, homeowners can find pre-assembled solutions that are engineered to be easily installed. Screen rolls of various widths and lengths are also available that allow those who prefer to construct their own screens the option to do so. As with many of their products, Metro Screenworks hopes to offer the home improvement pros and wannabes the options needed to fulfill their vision.