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Feb 21st 2017

6 Reasons to Open Your Windows

Tilt and turn window overlooking a field with a blue background. Reads :6 reasons to open your windows

6 Reasons to Open Your Windows

Being winter in much of the country, opening your windows is probably one of the last things on our minds. But possibly contrary to popular thought, it is important on the days that are bearable (and if your live in a part of the country where it isn’t below zero), to open the windows to get some fresh air in your home. Yes, you shouldn’t leave your windows open all day for you will probably be uncomfortable and will cause the cost of your energy bill to skyrocket. But for both your physical and emotional health, it is important to open the windows for about 30 minutes a day. Here are the reasons to open the windows and let some of that cool fresh winter air in:

Freshen Air

Often stale and uncirculated air is the cause for much of the sickness that pervades the winter season. We spend 90 percent of our time inside and breath the same air as others, continuously. Opening the windows allows fresh air and more oxygen into our homes that will help clear out the germs, eliminate stale smells that tend to build up inside, and increase our general health due to the greater amount of oxygen available.

For Healthy Digestive Health

According to health experts, letting fresh air into your home will help improve digestive health, not only because you are gaining more oxygen, which in general will improve your entire body’s function, but when you are breathing fresh air, you are more likely to make healthy food and lifestyle choices thus improving your digestive and overall health. If you can on an especially pretty warmer winter day, take a walk and get complete immersion in fresh air and even sun rays to give you valuable vitamin D.

Improves Blood Pressure

Polluted environments puts extra stress on our bodies in general because our bodies are having to filter a larger amounts of toxins which affect us holistically. With the reduction of stress, our blood pressure decreases and we are able to relax, thus promoting healthy hearts and circulatory systems.

To Clear Lungs

Fresh air is needed for healthy lungs: Fresh air not only clears the lungs of all the stale air that we breath when we are cooped up inside, but fresh air also causes the lungs to dilate which in turn, helps to release the toxins that have accumulated in our lungs. Having homes with fresh air have been shown to reduce congestion that plagues most of us during the winter season.

Increase in Energy

Fresh air also increases physical and mental energy. The fresh air causes an increase in energy for a few reasons. For the body and the brain to function at their best, they must have oxygen. The body is able to more efficiently and more effectively fully operate: An increase in oxygen has been shown to improve energy and concentration: In most cases, a clear head brings about a happier and healthier life.

Increases Happiness

As alluded to above, more oxygen results in a healthier body and mind which also makes a person happier. Though many of us have busy lifestyles that keep us rushing from one place to another, studies have shown that time taken to breathe in fresh air, whether it be that blowing in through our window screens or enjoyed outside, is directly linked to happiness. So, open up the windows for a few minutes during the warmer winter days and enjoy a healthier, happier life!

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