10 Ways to Recycle Old Window Screens

May 16th 2018

10 Ways to Recycle Old Window Screens

10 Ways to Recycle Old Window Screens

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Lately on the blog, we have been discussing how important fresh air is to our health and, as a result, how important it is to have working screens. If you have to invest in replacement window screens, you may be asking what you can do with your old screens and how to dispose of them responsibly. Today, we are going to discuss alternative uses for your old window screen.

Protect Newly Seeded Grass

If you have just reseeded your lawn, you may feel like you are at war with your local flock of birds who seem to think that your yard is a buffet, or maybe other neighborhood critters are enjoying the tasty delights of your garden, much to your shagrin. If you find yourself shaking your fist at birds and other critters, use your old screen to cover these areas. Tact screen onto posts placed in the ground so the screen rests just above the seedlings and plants

Use as a Utility Scrub

If you are someone who likes DIY projects or are frequently completing tasks on the honey-do list, you may find your hands covered in substances such as paint that are incredibly stubborn to wash off. Use a square of screen as a scrub or even create a small pouch and place a bar of heavy-duty soap inside, and voilà! Say goodbye to paint covered hands. Not all screen should be used for this purpose because it might damage your skin, but fiberglass screen makes an excellent scrubbing tool.

Sift Unmixed Grout

Window screen doesn’t just filter air; it can also filter powdery substances like grout powder. If you are looking to mix grout to redo your bathroom, use your old window screen to swift lumps out before adding water. Use screen for the same purpose with other tasks around the house. You could even make a new sifter for your kitchen depending on the type of screen you are recycling, but we recommend sticking to utility uses for your old window screens.

Keep the Creepie-Crawlies Out

Screen isn’t just useful for keeping critters from crawling or flying into your home through your windows. Use your old screen in those crevices or gaps around your home where critters can easy crawl through. Cut screen into pieces, and using staples, nails, or adhesives, install screen to cover pipe holes and gaps around vents, as well as other points of entry.

Stay tuned for part two of our blog series to learn how to put your old window screen to good use and be sure to shop Metro Screenworks for replacement window screens!