10 Ways to Recycle Old Window Screens - Part 2

May 23rd 2018

10 Ways to Recycle Old Window Screens - Part 2

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10 Ways to Recycle Old Window Screens - Part 2

Welcome back! If you are just joining us, we are continuing our short blog series about recycling old window screens by employing it for alternative uses around the house. Read part one or keep reading part two!

Dry Herbs

Do you love growing fresh herbs, but are frustrated that you can’t use them fast enough before they spoil? Or have you tried to grow your own herbs, but found that the critters enjoyed them more than you did? Create a drying box using a wood platform or crate and stapel mesh around the open areas to allow air flow, but keep unwanted six and eight-legged guests out.

Brew a Compost Tea

No this isn’t a new health trend! Yuck! Using about a foot of window screen mesh and twine, create a “tea bag” with compost materials and soak in a 5-gallon bucket for a week or longer. Once your “tea” is brewed, water your garden with it — and just like that, you’ve fertilized your garden!

Get More Scrubbing Power

Often for cleaning those extra dirty or stubborn messes you have to pull out the “big guns.” Use your old window screen by itself or cover a sponge with screen to scour difficult-to-clean messes. We do suggest that you are mindful about what you are using your “power sponge” on because some materials may become scratched from the extra abrasion of the screen.

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Strain Old Paint

Have you ever tried to use old paint and are frustrated by the debris found in the paint that messed up your paint job? Next time you decide to open an old, but still useable can of paint, strain it through a piece of your old window screen. The screen will catch the chunks of dried paint and other bits so you can paint effortlessly.

Keep Soil Inside Flower Pots

We all enjoy flower pots full of colorful blooms or aromatic herbs, but it can be frustrating to keep your plants healthy if your soil leaks out the bottom your pots via the small drainage hole. Instead of buying more top soil, cut a round piece of your old window screen that will fit the bottom of your pot and put it in the bottom. The screen will allow excess water to drain out the bottom, but will keep your soil from leaking out with it.

Learn more about recycling your old screen and buying replacement window screen on the Metro Screenworks blog. Be sure to shop our online screen store!