Autumn Fern Pet Screen 54 Inch x 100 Ft

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Product Overview

The 54" x 100 ft roll of Autumn Fern pet screen durable woven PVC coated polyester fabric is well known as an industry standard for use where versatility and strength are an important factor. The attractive, breathable fabric is made to stand the test of time. Perfect for the tough use common in households with pets. This is a .025 diameter all weather fabric, perfect for year round protection. This pet resistant screen is also often used in craft projects like bags, caps and hats. Some of the many other uses include: Barrier netting, Automotive Insect Screen, Playground Netting, Pet Beds and Pet Screen, Hammocks and so forth. We offer this durable pet screen to you in various size rolls, to accommodate what ever use you may intend. Rolls of 54" x 25' and 54" x 8 ft. are available. We also have large rolls of 54" x 195 ft.