5/16 x 1 Inch Window Screen Frame Kit With Corners & Spline

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Product Overview

  • Window screen frame kit builds three to five window screens

  • 10, six-foot-long sticks of aluminum window screen frame

  • 25 mitered inside window screen corners

  • 60 feet of .140 spline

This window screen frame kit allows you to build three to five average-sized window screen frames depending on the size of the screens you wish to install. Everything you need, besides the window screen mesh, is included. The 5/16 of an inch by 1 inch frame is a heavy duty screen frame that is perfect for constructing larger screens. This box contains 10 sticks of screen frame, that are 6 feet long. It also includes 25 inside miter window screen corners and 60 feet of .140 spline. 

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