Retractable Screen Doors FAQ

What are the maximum dimensions both width and height of your doors?

Single Retractable Screen Door: 60" width x 100" height

French Retractable Screen Doors: 108" width x 100" height maximum size.

Are there different screen mesh options available?

Yes! BetterVue improved visibility screen mesh, 17x20 Super Screen mesh (Black or White, up to 42" width per cassette), Heavy Duty Pet screen (up to 44" width per cassette), and 20x30 Solar Insect mesh.

How do I measure the door opening?

First, determine if you are installing the Retractable Screen Door within the opening as an Inside/Jamb mount or up against the opening as an Outside/Surface mount. Please view the Measuring Guidelines below:


How do I install the Retractable Screen Doors?

Most contractors and skilled homeowners can install the product themselves. Here is a link to the installation instructions:

Single Retractable Screen Door (click for instructions)

French (Double) Retractable Screen Doors (click for instructions)

What is the warranty?

Read About The Warranty Here


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