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Screen Door Tracking

All of Metro Screenworks Screen Door Tracking comes in heavy duty extruded aluminum. Top Screen Door track is available in single or double track.

When Do I Need Single or Double?

Single screen door track is for the times you have a single screen door application and the double track is for French door applications: Either a by-pass or when 2 screen doors slide away from each other and then slide together to meet in the middle of the opening.

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  • Deluxe Style Bottom Track

    This tracking is ideal for covering over old corroded door tracking and for new sliding screen door installations too. Made of heavy duty aluminum, this bottom tracking has a single bump down the center for the rollers on the door to roll on. Available...

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  • Top Track 5/8" x 3/4"

    Top Track 5/8" x 3/4"

    This single aluminum top screen door track is for sliding screen doors.  The screen door track is 5/8" x 3/4". At the center of the track is a shorter track for the top screen door rollers to roll on. This upper screen door tracking is available in...

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  • 1 Inch Top U Channel 5/8" x 1"

    1 Inch Top U Channel 5/8" x 1"

    This extruded aluminum top tracking is a 1" deep channel and has a 5/8" wide opening. The top of the screen door slides into it and the screen door rollers can roll freely in the channel. This sliding screen door track is now available in a Bronze and...

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  • Top Double Track for Sliding Screen Doors

    Top Double Track for Sliding Screen Doors

    Metro's top double screen door track installs at the top header of a sliding screen door opening. The double channel allows 2 screen doors to slide next to each.  This track is for a by-pass set up or where 2 screen doors meet together in...

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  • Side Jamb Track

    Side Jamb Track

    This jamb track is to install on the side jambs for sliding screen doors.  The sliding screen door slides into this jamb track to eliminate any gaps when the sliding screen door is closed.  This jamb track is made of extruded aluminum and...

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  • Astragal - For French Door Applications

    Astragal - For French Door Applications

    This astragal attaches by screws to one sliding screen door. The opposite door slides into the open U channel of the astragal closing any gaps between the two doors in a French Door application. 5/8" Wide x 1" Tall. Available in 80" and 96" lengths and...

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