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Greenhouse Windows For Green Thumbs 




Whether you call them garden windows, greenhouse windows, or even bay windows, Tru-Frame® greenhouse windows are architecturally superior and beautifully simple. Now you can enjoy all the sunlight and shining beauty of the most well designed and functionally superior window in the world. We've taken great panes to build the Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window so you can have a greener thumb.

When you buy Tru-Frame® greenhouse windows you get: 

  • Rounded Corners - Stronger and safer, with no protruding edges.

  • Clear Outside View - No bars or obstructions.

  • Fully-Adjustable Tempered-Glass Shelves - For a variety of plant sizes.

  • Low-E2 Insulated Glass Roof - Reduces heat transmission and ultraviolet rays.

  • Rugged Welded Frame - Virtually indestructible, stronger, carries more weight.

  • Easy-Opening Side Vents - Sash balances for fingertip control.

  • Security Locks - To keep the side vents closed and safe.

  • Fully Insulated 3/4" Bottom Tray - Sturdy, specially formulated rigid vinyl. 16" deep for wider plant bases.

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